Dynaric® Ultraband

Dynaric® Ultraband

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High resistance to impact and superior break strength combined to create a formidable strapping.

So strong it'll replace steel & polyester.

A hybrid of characteristics blended to create the optimum in performance and economy.

Ultra low elongation (extremely low stretch)

Available in 16x3 and 16x6 core sizes!

Complete line of strapping equipment.

Core size
(Green) 700 lb test 7/16" 0.037 6400' 16X6
(Green) 800 lb test 1/2" 0.037 6600' 16X6
(Silver) 1025 lb test 5/8" 0.035 5100' 16X6
(Silver) 1250 lb test 5/8" 0.04 4000' 16X6
(Green) 1600 lb test 3/4" 0.032 1650' 16X3

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