Xpander Pak Reg

Xpander Pak Reg

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REG: The regular Xpander Pak® - Foam Expansion Mailer is primarily used for standard cushioning. We use polyurethane foam and compress it down to 1/4th its original size. By using the Xpander Pak® expandable mailer you can eliminate small cartons, tape and any void fill.

RX: The Xpander Pak® RX is primarily used for premium shipping and intermediate ambient protection. We use a medium density polyurethane foam and compress it down to 5/16th of its original size. With this mailer you get the same protection and savings as above as well as extended transit times for temperature sensitive shipping. 50% more protection!

RX2: Finally, our top of the line expandable mailer, the Xpander Pak® RX2. This mailer is used for superior cushioning and temperature sensitive products. We use a high density polyurethane foam and compressed to 3/8th of its original size. This expanding mailer offers our densest foam and provides top of the line cushioning along with the longest thermal protection available. 65% more protection!

  • Insert your item(s) into the Xpander Pak® - Foam Expansion Mailer. (Insert a Nature Ice Gel for longer temperature stability)
  • Seal it using the self-adhesive strip (no tape required).
  • Expand it by making a small puncture with a pen.
  • The vacuum foam lining expands to six (6) times its size.
  • Extreme protection for your temperature sensitive and fragile items
  • To extend shipping time, we recommend our Nature Ice Gels

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